Our company was founded in April 2014 to provide computer services to everyone. The experience of our team, has allowed us to grow and increase our annual turnover. We create applications, websites and mobile app. We perform remote maintenance services online.

Our partners

Thanks to our partners, we can offer our customers many high quality services. International collaboration is using our Hong Kong office.

Our main partner is ofisoft.net who supplied us 15 years of experience in the sector in Europe. The company fromchinamarket.com allows us to manage all the computer equipment that we can export from Shenzhen, China. In addition, developers have delocalized in USA and India.


Remote maintenanced

We perform computer maintenance everyone at low cost without presence access.

Microsoft Azure

We study your needs and implement solutions Microsoft Azure. Virtual machines, cloud services, cloud databases, etc...

Software development

We analyze, plan and develop software on multiple platforms. We study your needs.

Computer forensics

Control of computer evidence, conduct certificates, surveillance and monitoring activities. Remote check internal and external network security.


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